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Vol 43 (2017) #1 A modified technique for thymectomy in adult mouse with no ventilation support Abstract   HTML
Chenchen Zhao, Hui Zeng, Zhengya Yu
Vol 40 (2014) #1 An in vivo permeability test protocol using iohexol to reduce and refine the use of laboratory rats in intestinal damage assessment Abstract   html
R Frias, A C Ouwehand, U-M Jaakkola, T Spillmann, M Gueimonde
Vol 42 (2016) #1 Assessment of radiofrequency ablation technique in development of aortic valve stenosis in rabbits Abstract   HTML
F Zeinali, K E Bakkelund, Ø Hauso, J P Loennechen, H Waldum
Vol 41 (2015) #1 Systemic Bone Mass Alterations and Ligature-Induced Periodontitis in Wistar Rats Abstract   html
F de Lecue Pillon, C Küchenbecker Rösing, A C de Souza
Vol 41 (2015) #10 A case of bronchogenic adenocarcinoma in a guinea pig (Cavia porcellus) Abstract   html
G D Leishangthem, P D Gadhave, N D Singh, H S Banga
Vol 41 (2015) #11 The effects of line crossing following selection in mice Abstract   html
A Wolc, W Schlocte, T Szwaczkowski
Vol 41 (2015) #12 Blood cell morphology of Djungarian hamster (Phodopus sungorus) Abstract   html
I Udroiu
Vol 41 (2015) #13 Auditory, Olfactory and Tactile Contact is not an Obstacle for Studies Involving Hormonal Interrelationships Abstract   html
G A Maria, J A Valares, F Forcada, J A Abecia
Vol 41 (2015) #14 Experimental Animal Models of Bruises in Forensic Medicine – A Review Abstract   html
K Barington, H E Jensen
Vol 41 (2015) #15 NSG mouse strain, health monitoring and microbiological findings Abstract   html
J Sparrowe, L Jiménez, A Talavante, I Angulo, A Martínez
Vol 43 (2017) #2 Determination of Body Surface Area in Japanese White Rabbits Abstract   HTML
L Bai, B Huang, Y Chen, J Fan, E Liu
Vol 41 (2015) #2 Development of concurrent infection of notoedric mange in rabbits infected with Trypanosoma evansi Abstract   html
L D Singla, N Singla, V R Parshad
Vol 40 (2014) #2 Double Decker Enrichment cages have no effect on long term nociception in neuropathic rats but increase exploration while decreasing anxiety-like behaviors Abstract   html
P Vachon
Vol 42 (2016) #2 Surgical anatomy of the sural nerve for peripheral nerve reconstruction research in swine Abstract   HTML
R Sasaki, H Matsumine, Y Watanabe, M Yamato, T Okano, T Ando
Vol 41 (2015) #3 Cerebral protection for the preclinical evaluation of a vascular graft in sheep carotid artery model Abstract   html
V H Harikrishnan, P R Umashankar
Vol 40 (2014) #3 Correlation between synthesis of α2-macroglobulin in hepatocytes and changes in serum cytokine levels in rats after infl ammatory stimulation Abstract   html
T Kuribayashi, T Seita, E Momotani, T Honjo, S Yamazaki, S Yamamoto
Vol 43 (2017) #3 Novel Bedding Material Results in Poor Pregnancy Rate with CD-1 Female Mice Used as Fosters for Producing Transgenic Mice Abstract   HTML
Jussi Helppi, Ronald Naumann, Marianne Asikainen, Jaakko Mononen, Oliver Zierau
Vol 42 (2016) #3 Refinement of a hematogenous localized osteomyelitis model in pigs Abstract   HTML
A K O Alstrup, K M Nielsen, H C Schønheyder4, S B Jensen, P Afzelius, P S Leifsson, O L Nielsen
Vol 43 (2017) #4 Carbonated Drinks Impact Follicle Development, Expression of Ovarian FSHR and Serum Caspase-3 in Mice Abstract   HTML
SC Wei, ZD Gong, HN Lu, HQ Liang, LJ Lai
Vol 42 (2016) #4 Clinical Guideline for Assessing Flash Visual Evoked Potentials in Laboratory Dogs and Normal Data for Beagle Dogs Abstract   HTML
D Torres, MC Tovar
Vol 40 (2014) #4 Comparison of the arrhythmogenicity of acepromazine, xylazine and their combination in pentobarbital-anesthetized rats Abstract   html
Y Panahi, J Sajedianfard, N Vesal, A R Mohammadabad
Vol 41 (2015) #4 Quantitative Analysis of Heroin and its Metabolites in vivo Abstract   html
F Yu, X Lian, H Zhang, M Xie, L Zhang
Vol 43 (2017) #5 Lactobacillus acidophilus: effects on the pharmacokinetics of marbofloxacin in rats Abstract   HTML
BT Birhanu, N-H Park, J-Y Park, S-J Lee, S-P Lee, J-W Suh, S-C Park
Vol 42 (2016) #5 Scientific Abstracts from the 45th Scand-LAS Annual Meeting and Educational Days Abstract   HTML
H-M Voipio, U-M Jaakkola, N Kemppinen
Vol 41 (2015) #5 Sex Differences in Exploratory Behaviour of Laboratory CD-1 Mice (Mus musculus) Abstract   html
T Tanaka
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