Vol 42 (2016)

Table of Contents


#1 Assessment of radiofrequency ablation technique in development of aortic valve stenosis in rabbits HTML
F Zeinali, K E Bakkelund, Ø Hauso, J P Loennechen, H Waldum 1-5
#2 Surgical anatomy of the sural nerve for peripheral nerve reconstruction research in swine HTML
R Sasaki, H Matsumine, Y Watanabe, M Yamato, T Okano, T Ando 1-4
#3 Refinement of a hematogenous localized osteomyelitis model in pigs HTML
A K O Alstrup, K M Nielsen, H C Schønheyder4, S B Jensen, P Afzelius, P S Leifsson, O L Nielsen 1-4
#4 Clinical Guideline for Assessing Flash Visual Evoked Potentials in Laboratory Dogs and Normal Data for Beagle Dogs HTML
D Torres, MC Tovar 1-5
#5 Scientific Abstracts from the 45th Scand-LAS Annual Meeting and Educational Days HTML
H-M Voipio, U-M Jaakkola, N Kemppinen 1-28
#6 Evaluating the effectiveness of moxidectin treatment in mite-infested mice and development of an in-house PCR assay for detecting Myobia musculi DNA. HTML
M Portis, AD Floyd, CJ Perez, PS Huskey, DA Weiss, LG Coghlan, F Benavides 1-6
#7 Who is a compatible partner for a male mouse? HTML
B Ewaldsson, SF Nunes, B Gaskill, A Ferm, A Stenberg, M Pettersson, RJ Kastenmayer 1-4