Vol 38, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


Anesthesia for Intraocular Surgery in Rabbits PDF
Sarbani Hazra, Himagshu Palui, Bhabatosh Biswas, Aditya Konar 81-87
Pneumocystis Murina Infection in Immunodeficient Mice in a Closed Barrier Unit: a Case Report PDF
Frederik Dagnæs-Hansen, Knud Poulsen 91-96
Comparative Pharmacokinetics of Orbifloxacin Following a Single Intravenous or Oral Administration to Healthy and Diabetic Rats PDF
Elias Gebru, Zhi-Qiang Chang, Henrique Cheng, Joong-Su Lee, Jong-Choon Kim, Seung-Chun Park 99-107
A Low Cost Face Mask for Inhalation Anaesthesia in Rats PDF
E Balafas, A Papastefanou, M Katsimpoulas, N Kostomitsopoulos 111-115