Vol 37, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


Beta-Cyfluthrin Induced Histochemical Alterations in the Liver of the Albino Rat PDF
Brijender Bhushan, Nishi Saxena, Prabhu Narain Saxena 61-66
A Special, Modified, Double-Lumen Tube for One-Lung Ventilation in Pigs PDF
Konrad Schwarzkopf, Lars Hueter, Niels-Peter Preussler, Florian Setzer, Torsten Schreiber, Waheedullah Karzai 69-72
Anti-Apoptosis Effect of Astragaloside Iv on Alzheimer's Disease Rat Model via Enhancing the Expression of Bcl-2 And Bcl-Xl PDF
You Yin, Yan Liu, Liuqing Huang, Shuqi Huang, JianHua Zhuang, Xiaoyan Chen, Lin Zhang, Huijuan Wu, Fuyuan Shao, Zhongxin Zheo 75-82
Proliferative Response of Hamster CD4+ T Cells after Different Mitogenic Stimulation PDF
Salvador Fonseca-Coronado, Eugenio Del Valle-Espinosa, Sigifredo Pedraza-Sánchez, Ana Flisser 85-90
Differential Leukocyte Counts of SJL/J Mice with Dysferlinopathy Treated with Resveratrol and Coenzyme Q10 PDF
Wendy J van der Spuy, Marnie Potgieter, Etheresia Pretorius, Warren A Vieira 93-99
Standardisation of Environmental Enrichment for Laboratory Mice and Rats: Utilisation, Practicality and Variation in Experimental Results PDF
V Baumans, P L P Van Loo, T M Pham 101-114
A New Fiducial Marker for Gated Radiotherapy in the Lung – A Feasibility Study of Bronchoscopy Based Insertion and Removal in Göttingen Mini-Pig PDF
Jesper Carl, Henrik Kirstein Jensen, Jane Nielsen, Martin Skovmos Nielsen, Markus Schmid, Siegfried Loeschke 117-127