#2 Determination of Body Surface Area in Japanese White Rabbits

L Bai, B Huang, Y Chen, J Fan, E Liu


Accurate calculation of body surface area (BSA) is essential for many biomedical applications and conversion of drug doses among various species. In this study, forty Japanese white rabbits with a body weight of 2.5-3.0 kg were used to determine a precise formula and practical method for BSA calculation. Rabbit BSA was measured two ways: by coating with a kraft paper or by skin stripping, followed by calculation of the surface area planometrically. We compared the BSA data from these two methods and found there was no difference. The BSA data were subsequently entered into the Meeh’s formula (BSA =kW2/3), the most commonly used for experimental animals, to calculate the mean k constant from coating (11.35) and stripping (11.30).  Furthermore, the Km factor, which is commonly used for dose translation based on BSA between human and animals, was calculated based on the formula (BSA=body weight (kg)/ Km factor). The Km factor from coating and stripping was 12.38 and 12.40, respectively. In conclusion, coating is an easy and accurate way to measure rabbit BSA and can replace stripping. We also provide an accurate k constant and Km factor for Japanese white rabbits.


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ScandLAS 2017